Forest Stream, Newlands Forest photography, Cape Town trails and walks, long exposure river, rocks and moss

Forest Stream

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Title: Forest Stream

Photographer: Warren Williams

Open Edition

It was late June, shortly before sunset as I scrambled down the embankment. Now those who understand me fully get the fact that I'm clumsy at the best of times. Which didn't bode well for my valiant attempts to descend a very slippery slope towards the stream. As I held onto a very wet, moss-ridden tree branch to steady myself, both of my feet gave way on what can only be described as a clay ice rink. I raced down the embankment on my backside and came to a frighteningly ungraceful stop amongst rotting leaves, fallen bark and pine needles. Fantastic. I'd arrived at my destination ahead of time with camera and tripod miraculously unscathed. Sometimes capturing that special image can be a touch more than a simple walk in the woods.

 Print: Epson Enhanced Matt 230gsm. Unframed.

Digitally signed and printed.

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